Specialist for warehouse logistics

Specialists for warehouse logistics take incoming goods and store them appropriately. They put together deliveries for dispatch or forward goods on to the appropriate company departments.

They can work in industry and trade companies in a wide variety of business areas: E.g. in food or electrical industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, metal and vehicle manufacturing, printing works or in the production of building materials.

Further information

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Length of training3 years
Type of trainingIntegrated vocational training (work and vocational college)
PrerequisitesSecondary school leaving qualification, middle school


A liking for practical work

A marked ability to be neat and tidy

Good memory

Ability to deal with data and numbers

Liking for commercial work

Training course

Packing and final handling of products for goods dispatch

Correct taking of goods into storage

Working together on logistical planning and organisation processes

Options for further training and education

Business administrator for data processing

Master craftsman logistics

Master of logistics management