Temco® Open/close system

Temco texturing units - innovative open/close system

The innovative design of the open/close unit in particular increases texturing machine efficiencies. The possibility to open the unit significantly reduces adverse effects on yarn tension during threading and the possibility of resultant yarn breaks are minimised, even for low count microfilament yarns.

Using the threading mechanism that is incorporated within the unit, the yarn is threaded into the heart of the open texturing unit without excessive tension. As highlighted in the comparison below, yarn tension peaks are significantly lower when closing the unit compared to a fix centre unit.

For microfilament yarns in particular, this gentle method of threading results in significantly lower yarn breaks at positional start-up and consequently a marked reduction in time to thread the entire machine. Moreover, during the process, there is no threading gate, which restricts handling or vision of the yarn path in the open/close unit.

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