Temco® Motor-driven units FTS525M

Powerful products with latest technologies

The Temco motor-driven units FTS525M can be used for highest yarn speeds. The units are suitable for new machines, as well as for modernizing all the usual high-speed texturing machines.

Unit head and motor are in line and are connected by means of a plastic coupling without intermediate drive. The bearing shaft diameters are highly rigid. This, together with an additional damping, guarantees low vibration even at high yarn take-off speeds.
Yarn tension peaks are significantly lower when threading an open/close unit as opposed to a fixed centre unit, resulting in significantly reduced numbers of yarn breaks during threading.

Other types of units upon request.

Product advantages

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  • Less complexity of the machine thanks to reduced quantity of mechanical parts compared with the drive belt system:
    - low noise
    - less energy consumption
    - less variation of revolution
  • High flexibility of different products:
    - high speed range (6000 to 20,000 rpm.)
    - easy change of twist direction (S/Z function + electrical control)
    - no adjustment of the cooling plate necessary for S/Z production (upper yarn guide remains in the same
    - 6 mm and 9 mm friction discs possible with a high stacking (max. 1/8/1)
  • Can be installed in each machine profile (horizontal and vertical orientation)

Energy saving

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Comparison of power requirement between belt-driven and motor-driven units

Noise reduction

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Noise reduction between belt-driven and motor-driven units

  • prepared for present and future human working conditions
  • noise level reduced to 1/3 of belt-driven units

Lower variation of revolution

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Lower variation of revolution from position to position with motor-driven units compared to belt-driven units.


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