Temco® Texturing Units FTS

Still a difference

Since more than 40 years, Temco has been developing, producing and selling texturing units and all the time Temco has been (and still is) in a leading position concerning precision, productivity and yarn quality.

Lifetime in combination with highest speeds are still the difference to the wide range of competitors in the market.
Our customers will get a valuable product with the latest technology.
Especially the unique design of the Temco open/close unit will increase the efficiency of the texturing machine.
Thanks to the possibility to open the unit, the impact on yarn tension variation is decreased dramatically. Referring to that, yarn breaks during string up will be significant reduced, even with finest microfilament yarns.

Technical details

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Tension variation of fix center units compared to open/close units

Yarn tension peaks are significantly lower when threading an open/close unit as opposed to a fixed center unit, resulting in significantly reduced numbers of yarn breaks during threading.

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