Temco® Polyurethane friction discs

Highest stability for the texturing process

Through the development of PUR materials, optimizing the yarn geometry and adherence to  tight manufcturing tolerances and strict quality control Temco has in fact set standards worldwide with the polyurethane friction discs.

As pacemaker in the development of PU friction discs we keep on setting new milestones in friction disc technology. Our texturing experts are in close co-operation with universities and technology leaders in textile industry. In-house R&D facilities include texturing machines with different profiles and heater types and a complete textile laboratory.
Temco offers the most suitable friction discs with a range of thickness and diameters to satisfy all commonly used friction units. Different shore hardness and shape can be selected to get the best results for the specific yarn range and processes of our customers.

Range of application

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PUR friction discs are used for a wide range of titres of PES, PA and PP yarns as well as new types of yarn like Corterra. They are also used for microfilament yarns and for yarns having various filament cross-sections, e.g. multilobal.

Product advantages

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In the case of high twist insertion, the friction between the yarn and the disc surface is a very important parameter for achieving the level and consistency in torque required for high twist insertion rates. The Temco PUR discs meet these friction requirements and consistently handle the yarn with care during the twist insertion process. Consequently, the quality of textured yarn is improved compared with yarn processed using alternative hard disc materials.

By using most modern production and quality assurance methods in disc manufacturing at Temco, consistency in rotational concentricity of the discs is ensured at maximum speeds. Similarly, disc profiles, surface characteristics and spin finish resistance are controlled with the highest care as well.
As a result, the customers are assured of a highly stable texturing process at increased speeds, in which higher bulk levels are achievable together with excellent yarn elongation properties and reduced tendency to filamentation. As a result, process speeds of more than 1,200 m/min can be achieved.


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