Temco® USC/USL

Belt-driven spindles for the covering process

Hollow spindles, series USC, Temco's further development of hollow spindles satisfies market demands for rotational speed increases and higher loads. The Temco spindles comprise integrated bearings and their raceways are integrated into the housing. The reinforced bearings comprise a damping system that is optimized for the individual spindle type.

The new USC spindle combines the advantages of US spindles and the USL spindles in one design:

  • long service life of the bearings (like USL spindles)
  • repairable (like US spindles)

By transferring the critical speed range, the USC spindle is suitable for a lot of processing speeds - for more flexibility in production for our customers.

Product advantages

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  • easy repair of USC spindles thanks to removable precision bearing system
  • long service life of the spindles thanks high dynamic load of the bearings
  • higher rigidity and stability of the spindle thanks to one-piece shaft
  • different bore diameter from 4 to 6 (9) mm (USL)
  • easy maintenance for USC spindles

Service life

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A negative impact to the service life of spindles is unbalance of spools caused by

  • spool tolerances
  • bad windings

One of Temco's missions is to continuously improve the service life of bearings. Highlights are:

  • Precision ball bearings for USC spindles
  • Precision integrated ball bearings for USL and motor-driven spindles
  • Development of a high-quality lubrication technique together with grease producers!
  • High-precision production and quality control to eliminate unbalances
  • High tech damping systems

In total, these items guarantee a long service life of the spindles.


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