Temco® Spindle pot

Temco's solution for costs reduction and quality improvement

The spindle pot for motor- and belt-driven covering spindles has been developed in order to have the single and double covering of elasthan fibers with synthetic yarns done and carried out in a consequently more economical way, and at the same time to improve this process with regard to quality.

For all the common and usual machine types, the adaption of the spindle pot is possible, both for motor-driven covering spindles and belt-driven spindles (also for so-called "swing arm machines", e.g. RPR- and Ratti machines).

The spindle pot is available for bobbin diameters of 72mm to 78mm and for bobbin lengths from 4.5" (112mm) to 6.5" (165mm).

Product advantages

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  • energy savings up to 30%
  • reduced noise 6 dB(A)
  • reduced yarn break rates
  • one-hand operation for easy handling
  • wear-resistant stainless steel doors
  • protection against rotating parts
  • applicable to all types of machines!


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The handling of the spindle pot is very easy:

  • When opening the spindle pot, complete access towards the bobbin is possible
  • Yarn breaks, especially in the bottom area of the bobin, can be repaired very easily

=> without taking out the bobbin!

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