Temco® Separator roller VR50300-00-HS

High temperature and high speed separator roller

Due to increasing demands for very high speeds in combination with high yarn temperatures Temco has now incorporated its know-how and experience in the development of another highlight in the separator roller group: the VR50300-00-HS.

Through the use of hybrid bearings and the most modern heat-resistant materials, this separator roller is designed especially for working areas, in which until now mainly energy-intensive air bearings are used. With a possible yarn speed of up to 5,500 m/min at yarn temperatures of 190°C the VR50300-00-HS is as good as air bearings. As for the operation no expensive and time-consuming treated compressed air is required and due to a very low friction torque at high speeds the VR50300-00-HS has an enormous potential for saving energy costs.

Product advantages

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Through the new developed bearing damping with pre-stressed integrated hybrid bearing following characteristics will be achieved:

  • Higher yarn temperatures up to 190°C due to special cage material and high temperature special grease
  • Resonance free running over the entire speed range with low noise emission
  • Due to the very low bearing friction torque the Temco separator roller is also suitable at low yarn forces for very high yarn speeds up to 5,500 m/min
  • Enormous energy savings compared to air bearings because no compressed air is required