Temco® Separator Rollers VR

Guiding and deflection of continuous materials

Temco has developed and produced separator rollers for more than 30 years. Originally, they were used for yarn guidance, drawing and threadpath wrap angles on draw-twisting machines. Today, Temco's separator rollers are used in a broad range of applications, and in some of the most diverse processes. To satisfy these applications, not only knowledge and experience in low-friction bearing manufacture are necessary, but a high degree of competence and authority concerning the production and subsequent treatment of synthetic yarns and textiles are of paramount importance.

Separator rollers are only mounted on one side. They are used, among others for guiding or turning round continuous materials such as yarns, wire, films, filaments, etc. during the individual production processes. There are various product requirements, depending on the application. Low inertia thanks to optimised friction moment and low rotating mass are of utmost importance for the prodution of very fine, sensitive products, e.g. for textile manufacturing processes.

General requirements

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Other applications require a high abrasion resistance of the roller surface, high temperature resistance, large load carrying capacity or long bearing life. Here, the Temco bearings offer a broad product range comprising many different variants concerning

  • surface quality, different coatings
  • resistance to both high and extremely high stresses (temperature, load rating)
  • maximum operating speed
  • dimensions (pulley length and diameter, support journal)


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