Temco® Yarn Guide Rollers FR

Guiding elements for use in all areas of the machine

For guiding of threads and tapes in textile and technical applications Temco offers smooth-running yarn guide rollers. Especially the new extremely smooth-running yarn guide rollers FR3530-02, FR3530-03, FR4018-01 and FR4030 are suitable for all processes, where are low tension forces or low yarn deflections, and gently yarn guiding is required.

Temco guide rollers include various jacket shapes and materials and are equipped with or without a shaft. They are characterised by their compact building method with a low rotating mass and low starting- and bearing friction moment. Yarn speeds of up to 6,500 m/min are possible.

Lubrication / sealing

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The lubricant has been specially selected to satisfy the requirements of guide rollers, thus ensuring smooth running and a long lifespan. The guide rollers are equipped with a special dust shield cover on either end.

Shells / surfaces

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The shells are made of steel, aluminum or innovative synthetic materials with special features. We also provide guide rollers with chromium-plated or ceramic-coated jackets for special applications.


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