Temco® LD5 series

Tangling/commingling jet for BCF yarns and industrial yarns

Temco has designed the tangling jet LD5 incorporating the job-proven engineering and and technology of jet LD32 to meet the market requirements. The new jet is meant to operate on winders as well as on air tangling installations, air texturing machines, spinning machines to process in "tangled condition" flat and textured single and multiple yarns.

Special application fields cover winders for BCF yarns, for textile areas for instance in carpets, extending also to single, multiple and blended yarns for industrial applications: Titers up to dtex 10,000.
A further interesting application field for the LD5 is the manufacture for instance of inorganic materials such as glass fibres.
There are various jet inserts available with different air ducts to suit the yarns and titers in processing. The insert itself is made of high-resistant ceramics. 


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  • Function: Tangling/commingling jet
  • Design: open/close (manual)
  • No. of threads: 1 thread
  • Yarns: BCF and technical yarns (PA, PES, PP ...)
  • Titer range: up to 10,000 dtex

Product advantages

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  • manual stop of air-flow and opening/closing for safe threading and less air consumption
  • easy adaptation into the machine
  • long service life (ceramic inserts)
  • modular design (interchangeable inserts)


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