Temco® LD4 series

Air jet for tangling applications

Thanks to the tandem layout of the LD4 (patentee Temco) it is possible to optimize the tangling effect, even at highest yarn speeds.

The new LD4, which incorporates the job-proven engineering and technology of the LD32 jet, has especially been designed for the new high-duty BCF installations, can however also operate on other machines, such as for instance CF-, POY, FDY- and HOY yarns.
Yarn speeds up to 7,000 m/min can be achieved depending on the yarn, titer and requirements placed on the tangling quality: This results in a further increase of approx. 50% with regard to the LD32 profiting from the mechanical speeds of the new BCF installations. Having an amortization time of scarcely 6 months, the LD4 jets offer a most interesting cost-effective investment.


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  • Function: Tangling jet
  • Design: open/close (automatically), tandem
  • No. of threads: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Yarns: BCF and technical yarns (PA, PES, PP ...)
  • Titer range: up to 10,000 dtex

Product advantages

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  • high speeds up to 7,000 m/min
  • automatic stop of air-flow for safe threading and less air consumption, in connection with the machine control
  • long service life (ceramic inserts)
  • modular design (interchangeable inserts)
  • adjustable yarn guides for flat or textured yarns


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