Temco® LD32 series

Tangling jet for BCF yarns and technical yarns

Temco provides the tanglelacing jet LD32 in modular design to comply with the requirements for ever increasing thread speeds for processing technical yarns, e.g. glass fibre and carpet yarns.

The LD32 fits on all spindraw texturing machines known on the market for initial equipment or upgrading. These jets are suitable to process yarns up to dtex 10,000 at thread speeds of up to 4,000 m/min depending on the relevant titer.
A suitable material allows a good reproduction of geometry, shape and surface of air and thread ducts, and ensures a high uniformity.

The interchangeable ceramic inserts allow to set either hard, soft, short or long knots in line with the requested tanglelacing.


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  • Function: Tangling jet
  • Design: open-/close (automatically)
  • No. of threads: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6
  • Yarns: BCF yarns and technical yarns (PA, PES, PP...)
  • Titer range: up to 10,000 dtex

Product advantages

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  • automatic stop of air-flow for less air consumption
  • automatic open/close for safe threading
  • long service life (ceramic inserts)
  • modular desgin (interchangeable inserts)
  • adjustable yarn guides for flat or textured yarns


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