Cutting machine operator

Cutting machine operators use metal cutting processes to produce precision parts for all types of technical products.

These can include wheel hubs, gear wheels, threads or gear, motor and turbine parts. Cutting machine operators set up automatic turning, milling and grinding machines as well as write or modify CNC programmes for these machines.

They then insert the workpieces in the machine and start the working process. They constantly check whether dimensions and surface quality of the finished workpiece meet specifications. If problems occur, they determine the cause using suitable test methods and test equipment, ensuring immediate resolution. They are also responsible for maintenance and inspection tasks on the machines, primarily checking mechanical components.

Further information

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Length of training

3 1/2 years

Type of training

Integrated vocational training (work and vocational college)

PrerequisitesSecondary school leaving qualification, middle school or high school

Interested in PCs and programming

The ability to think precisely and analytically

A preference for precise and careful work

Training course

Handling of manual and mechanical production processes

Various measurement and test methods in quality control

In addition, we offer instruction at the factory and company-internal training courses

Options for further training and education

Master craftsman (Industrial)




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